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Company Tech Recommendation



Throughout our research on finding a new company issued smartphone for field reporters and journalists, we found the flagship phones of Sony’s Xperia 1 II, Apple’s iPhone 12, Samsung’s Galaxy 5G, and Samsung’s Note20 Ultra 5G to be the top contenders. After much deliberation we have collectively concluded that the Samsung Galaxy 5G will provide, and exceed, all the needs of our employees at a reasonable price. The Samsung Galaxy 5G is a phone which does not create a financial burden for the company yet still furthers its mission effectively and progressively. The Samsung Galaxy S20 5G series is well-priced starting at $549.99 or $15.28 per month, for 36 months. Compared to the iPhone 12 priced at $799.99, the Sony Xperia 1 II priced at $1099.99, and the Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G priced at $1299.99, the Galaxy S20 is hard to beat. With more capabilities and better quality at such a low price, the Galaxy S20 is a strong competitor. The Note20 shares similar attributes with the S20, however results in such an expensive price- the most expensive phone out of the four. The greatest difference, aside from the initial price, is the included stylus and touch capabilities, which would further entail costly employee training for using the phone and the programs associated with it. The least costly phone that can maximize its capabilities and attributes would be the most effective phone for the company.

The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra’s appearance must also be mentioned as one of its best features. The front glass is less curved around the edges than last year’s S10 making it look more squared-off and neat. The Gorilla Glass 6 panels are separated by a metal frame that is thick on the bottom and top, and thin down the sides. This is especially useful because Gorilla Glass 6 set a new standard for performance in preventing damage from any source to the screen. It can typically survive drops onto hard rough surfaces from up to 1.6 meters; unlike many other phones such as those made by Google, LC, Sony, and OnePlus. Also, the phone is sealed tightly and carries an IP68 rating, which means your phone can accidently fall into water without damage. Experiments have even proven the Galaxy S20 to be able to sit it in a bowl of water for a few minutes and having it come out the same way it went in.

With how important convenience and ease-of-use are to our employees, we have found that the controls, parts, and buttons on the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra are exactly what one would expect to see from Samsung’s flagship phone. The screen’s power button and volume lock are on the right edge of the phone, having a tight and satisfying travel and feedback. There is no dedicated Bixby button which has been noted to be very satisfying for previous customers as it proved to be an annoyance in past models. The combined microSD card tray is located on top, while the USB-C port and downward loudspeaker are on the bottom. There is no headphone jack as many current phones lack one, but unlike the others; Apple for example with their air pods, Samsung includes USB headphones in the box. In addition, they advertise their new Galaxy Buds Plus for cheaper prices. The camera module is huge and is made of plastic making it less likely to crack or break. The phone is also one of the bigger models we contended with and can sometimes require two hands. The color of the phone is excellent as it comes in a variety of colors including cosmic grey color, cloud blue, cloud pink, and cloud white. The convenience and appearance are indeed important factors, but furthering our recommendation was the outstanding technical capabilities of the Galaxy S20 5G.

In our research we determined the Samsung Galaxy S20 5G series to have the greatest technical capabilities of the considered phones. The Galaxy S20 5G beats out the flagship models of Apple's iPhone 12 and Sony's Xperia 1 II, as well as being up to par with the much more expensive Samsung Note Ultra 5G. The relevant areas where the Galaxy S20 5G stands out are in its impressive display, processing power, memory, and camera. In addition to these, the Galaxy 5G boasts the best battery-life among all the comparative phones at 5000mAh allowing our reporters to have full phone access all day. Display-wise, the Galaxy S20 5G features the best screen-to-body ratio utilizing 90% of its screen, as well as being the only phone with a 120Hz refresh rate to allow for the quickest and clearest image. Samsung also gave the Galaxy S20 5G a 6.9 Dynamic AMOLED infinity O-Screen with multiple resolution and refresh rate options The display coupled with its top-of-the-line octa-core processor and the highest baseline of 12GB RAM (up to 16GB) creates an efficient and reliable tool for our reporters in the field. The Galaxy S20 is also one of the first phones to ship with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 processor on board. While the 865 destroyed every other phone, the Galaxy S20 5G bested 99% of all other devices tested and developed stunning results when compared to last generation Snapdragon Hardware. Though the usefulness of having a fast and dependable phone cannot be understated we realize that a major component of live journalism is the capture of ongoing events. All the devices the committee has researched include very well-developed camera technology and each phone has their own respective strengths to capture footage. Apple’s iPhone 12, Sony’s Xperia 1 II, and Samsung’s Note 20 Ultra all offer similar video capture features. Those features being 4k recording and modest levels of zoom. However, the Samsung Galaxy S20 5G edges ahead of the competition due to the combined abilities to shoot 8k video and zoom in up to 100 times. It is in the unrivaled camera specifications that prove the device most useful for the company's journalists and field reporters. The Samsung Galaxy S20 5G's camera also comes in at 108 megapixels for the rear camera with 40 megapixels for the front camera, which shatters Sony and Apple's flagship phones only having 12 megapixels for each. The outstanding visuals presented from the Galaxy S20 5G will give our reporters and journalists a leg up to enhance their articles to the next level by providing all the details in a scene to be presented at the highest quality. With our fast-paced world, camera crews may not always be possible for quickly developing stories, and the Galaxy S20 5G’s uniquely 8K video capabilities will help to solve this. The safety of our field reporters in dangerous situations is also paramount and having the 100x zoom is a boon in this regard. Finally, in regard to the technical capabilities of these phones, the option for expandable memory of up to 1TB, which the iPhone singularly lacks, will be practical to have for our journalists and reporters to be able to manage multiple new stories.

The adaptabilities of the Samsung Galaxy S20 5G includes a variety of phones within the series, business program incorporation, Samsung Access, powerful battery life, and screen connectivity. A variety of phone models is included with the S20: The Galaxy S20 FE 5G, S20 5G, S20 Plus 5G, and S20 Ultra 5G. A variety of phones with minor differences allows for a strategic decision for the most effective model as well as accommodating employees across different business areas, which may have more suitable needs with different models. With the S20 5G, Samsung understands the importance of incorporating the business with the model and performance, enhancing company abilities. They introduce a monthly subscription to Samsung Access which includes Samsung Care Plus coverage, 1TB OneDrive cloud storage, and premium Office applications. Care and coverage is important in providing peace of mind for company devices amongst a wide group of employees bound to have accidents or complications. A large storage part of the cloud, in which can be accessed from other personnel and devices, is highly desirable. In addition, full access to Microsoft 365 and the applications included is effective for this company’s work and progress, using Microsoft for presentations, editing, logging information and money, etc. The S20 device can connect to any screen for a mobile-powered desktop, granting further access and performance. In closing, we have found the Samsung Galaxy 5G to be the best phone which will not create a financial burden for the company yet still further our mission effectively and progressively.



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